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Enjoy peace of mind, whatever happens, with Jaguar Roadside Assistance and Warranties – all designed specifically for Jaguar owners.


For hassle-free repairs and replacements, enjoy the reassurance of our standard three-year manufacturer’s warranty and optional extended warranty.

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If any part or accessory needs to be repaired or replaced, the work will be done by a Jaguar Authorised Repairer, free of charge.

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If any part of your Jaguar’s bodywork is corroded with rust, the affected panels will be repaired or replaced by a Jaguar Authorised Repairer, free of charge.

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Help is on its way. Whatever the situation, you can get support at the roadside 24 hours a day. Every day of the year anywhere in the UK and in most of continental Europe while your car is under warranty.

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Position with regards to Jaguar Land Rover Approved & Extended Warranty, SMART & Asset Protection products - Covid-19

The following information confirms the position regarding extraordinary circumstances that may occur during a ‘lockdown’ period relating to Covid-19. For the avoidance of doubt, a period of ‘lockdown’ is a period during which Government advice, guidelines or instructions are that other than essential workers the public should remain at home, avoid traveling and should only leave home for restricted activities. Once any Government restrictions are lifted, normal processes will apply.


No change in policy. Customers continue to benefit from the cover in the event of the vehicle being declared a total loss or stolen and the underlying motor insurance policy operates.


Customers should notify the administrator of a potential claim in accordance with the terms of their policy booklet. The claim will be recorded, and a repair carried out as soon as it can be scheduled post lockdown. In some circumstance’s customers will be returning vehicles under PCP arrangements before the repair can be carried out. In those circumstances, the administrator will make a contribution towards the cost of the cosmetic repair, in accordance with its normal schedule of costs.

Jaguar Land Rover MOT Warranty & Insurance

The UK Government has announced an extension of up to 6 months if a MOT expires on or after 30 March 2020. We will automatically extend the MOT policy to ensure that customers are able to benefit from their MOT policy at the time that the MOT takes place, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Government.

Jaguar Land Rover Approved & Extended Warranty

Customers who have a warranty expiring during lockdown will be, or will have been, contacted by Jaguar Land Rover Warranty Administration (JLRWA) to arrange for renewal of that policy. The only exception will be customers who have chosen not to receive communications from JLRWA offering renewal.

Outside of the UK, or in the UK where the warranty administrator has been unable to contact a customer, customers should contact their retailer to arrange for renewal of a warranty. If the retailer is not available, customers should contact the JLRWA who will be pleased to record the requirement and arrange for the retailer to provide the warranty once the retailer is open. Contact details for the JLRWA are detailed in the policy book and listed in this document.

In some circumstances, we require a vehicle to have a multi-point inspection prior to the warranty being purchased. Where a customer has an existing warranty or has a warranty that has just expired in lockdown and the customer has been unable to contact the retailer, and where the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service requirements, or within the period of grace detailed below, we will waive the requirement for the multi-point inspection.

Customers who identify a fault with their vehicle and who have a policy in force are advised to contact the JLRWA on the number shown below. They will record the details of the fault and the customer will be able to progress the repair, once the repairer is able to diagnose the fault and schedule the work. Vehicles should not be driven in an unroadworthy condition.

If the vehicle has a fault, the customer must contact the warranty administrator immediately for advice. Failure to do so may invalidate a claim.

It is a requirement of the warranty that the vehicle normally follows the manufacturer recommended service schedule. JLRWA usually allows a period of grace of up to one month 1,000 miles beyond that scheduled date. During a period of lockdown, we will double that period of grace to two months 2,000 miles.

Jaguar Warranty Administration – 0344 573 8065

JLR SMART Administration – 0344 573 8203


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